We are Laura & Patrick Skellie and we have been hitched since 2014! We love to laugh and don't take life too seriously most days. We are driven by our love for life, God, beagles (mainly our trio) and each other. Since we married, we started a very stressful and mentally exhausting infertility journey. However, through it we have begun to understand God has a special plan for us, much larger then we will ever know.

When we are not photographing, you can find us spending time at home, with friends or family, at a Baron's baseball game, geo-caching or hanging out with our dogs. Emma, Layla and Bear are our three rescue beagle mixes...who we love dearly and are slightly obsessed with them....

Emma came to Laura before she met Patrick, and helped her tremendously with her anxiety over the years....Layla came to us just before we were married and we thought she completed our family.  However, when we were about 2 years into our fertility journey, when we were struggling the most, we found Bear on a whim, and could not be happier with how he completes us. Some people do not get it...but they are our kids....and they will forever hold a part of us with them, and them with us...just as kids do....we love them fiercely, and are very thankful for their endless love. Dogs are family for us, and we cannot wait to one day introduce a human brother or sister to them!

In a nutshell...We are outgoing introverts...we love staying in, but enjoy every second we spend with others!